Faculty and Staff Contacts

Use the directory below to get in contact with our staff. 

This directory only contains email addresses. To get in touch with us by phone, please check out our Contact page.

Paul Folan

Science Instructor

Email: pfolan@bluehills.org

Daniel Frank

Lead Engineering Technology Instructor

Email: dfrank@bluehills.org

David Galego

Director of Facilities and Security

Email: dgalego@bluehills.org

Brian Gearty

Lead Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies Instructor

Email: bgearty@bluehills.org

Tom Geoghegan

Lead HVAC&R Instructor

Email: tgeoghegan@bluehills.org

Shara Ginthwain

Science Instructor

Email: sginthwain@bluehills.org

Charles Gisondi

District Treasurer

Email: cgisondi@bluehills.org

Anthony Giuffre

Culinary Arts Instructor

Email: agiuffre@bluehills.org

Sheetal Goel

Data Manager

Email: sgoel@bluehills.org

Brian Goff

HVAC&R Instructor

Email: bgoff@bluehills.org

Susan Grant

Science Instructor

Email: sgrant@bluehills.org

David Green

Culinary Arts Instructor

Email: dgreen@bluehills.org

William Groh

Lead Electrical Technology Instructor

Email: wgroh@bluehills.org

Patty Guerin

Accounts Payable/Receivables

Email: pguerin@bluehills.org

Stacy Hedges

Science Instructor

Email: shedges@bluehills.org