Q. What is the SAT test, who should take the test, and how can I register for the test?

A. The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is administered by the College Board. It is a requirement for admission to most four-year colleges. Most students take the SAT during the spring of their junior year and/or fall of their senior year. The SAT is not given at Blue Hills, but most town high schools and many private high schools administer the test. The test is given on Saturdays in October, November, December, January, March, May and June. You can register for the test by going to the College Board website, www.collegeboard.com or sat.collegeboard.com/register, or by calling 866-756-7346. To register, you must give the Blue Hills CEEB school code number, which is 220-544.

Q. What is the PSAT test, who should take the test, and how can I register for the test?

A. The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) is administered by the College Board, and is given to juniors in October. This test is the best preparation for the SAT test, and is a comprehensive tool that gives valuable feedback to both the student and the school. For students who take the PSAT, the score report provides a standardized view of their scholastic skills, and helps them compare their performance to other college-bound students nationwide. It is recommended for all juniors who think they may want to apply to college. The PSAT is given at Blue Hills on the second Wednesday in October during the school day. All juniors receive registration forms in homeroom or can see their Guidance Counselor to register for the test. More information is available on the College Board website, www.psat@info.collegeboard.com>

Q. What is the Co-Op program and who is eligible?

A. The co-op program provides students the opportunity to apply their technical training and develop additional skills in a paid work environment while earning credit toward their vocational program. The Cooperative Education program is available to eligible students in the third quarter of their junior year and the entire senior year, pending certain requirements. See the Parent/Student Handbook for details.

Q. What is a GPA?

A. GPA is your grade point average. It is calculated on a 4.0 scale, and is an average of all your academic and technical grades. The class rank is an exact rank order of each student in the class. It is determined by multiplying the GPA raw number for each course taken by the quality points (QP) assigned to the course. Quality points are applied to a student’s grade point average to determine a weighted GPA. Class rank and GPA are cumulative and start in grade 9.

Q. What are Quality Points?

A. Quality points are applied to a student’s grade point average in order to determine a Weighted GPA. Many of the core academic classes are offered at different levels: AP* = 4.25QP Honors * = 4 QP College Preparatory and All Vocational = 3 or 3.5 QP Standard or Team = 2 QP Resource/Other = 1 QP * Honors level courses (4 Quality Points) may require Lead Teacher approval. * AP courses require Lead Teacher and Academic Director approval. Grade point averages (GPA) and class rank are important to students seeking scholarships, financial assistance, and other post-secondary endeavors. GPA and class rank are calculated using a system of levels and credits.

Q. What is the Academic Review Board?

A. The Academic Review Board meets periodically to review the status of students who may be in jeopardy of not completing the promotional and/or graduation requirements. The Board is comprised of administrators, counselors, special education representatives, and the school nurse. They individually review designated students records and reports to determine eligibility for promotion or graduation, and make recommendations for remediation in summer school.

Q. How is a parent/student notified if summer school is required?

A. The Academic Review Board will meet to review students promotional/graduation status after final exams and grades are submitted. If a student has not satisfied thepromotional/graduation requirements, the parents will be notified in writing within 3 days of the Board’s decision. This written notification will include information if the student is required to attend summer school for academic or attendance deficiencies.

Q. What is the Dual Enrollment program?

A. Dual Enrollment is a cooperative program with the Massachusetts universities and community colleges enabling high school students to enroll in tuition-free or reduced-tuition college courses while still in high school. After successful completion of a Dual Enrollment course, students will receive college credit. These credits cannot replace required high school credits. Enrollment is on a space-available basis. Classes may be taken only after regular school hours.

Q. What is my permanent high school transcript, and how do I request a copy of it?

A. Your transcript is a copy of your final grades for each year you attended Blue Hills, and documentation of your graduation and/or attendance dates, GPA, and rank. Colleges, schools, employers, the military, and many institutions require an official transcript. The transcript is only official if the school registrar affixes the official embossed Blue Hills Regional Technical School seal to the document, and mails it directly to a school or institution. If you require a copy of your transcript, it must be requested in writing (by the student) to the attention of the Guidance Department. There is a transcript request form under Quick Links on the Blue Hills website's home page. Please include your name, address, address to which the transcript should be sent, date of birth, dates of attendance, and any former or maiden names. Transcript requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Please allow two weeks to process your request. (Transcript request forms are also located in the Guidance forms section.) Transcripts are the only verification we can provide for attendance and graduation. Copies of diplomas are not available for graduates.