Exploratory Program

Exploratory Program

Overview of Blue Hills’ Exploratory Program

Exploratory requirements — See Documents section below

All ninth graders who enroll in Blue Hills Regional Technical School participate in a vocational exploratory program designed to introduce them to the tools, working conditions, academic expectations and career opportunities of a variety of vocational programs. Initially, students are introduced to eight of Blue Hills’ sixteen vocational programs for one forty-two minute period each. Then, students choose from these eight programs which three they would like to explore for one week. One additional non-traditional vocational program will be chosen for them. At the end of the first four week exploratory, students are introduced to the other eight programs and asked to choose which of these they would like to explore further. Students are evaluated and scored (0-28 points) by vocational instructors at the end of each week. At the end of the full eight-week exploratory period, each student selects his/her program of choice, as well as a second and third choice.

Students are enrolled in vocational programs based on the score earned in their first-choice program. If a program fills before a student gets his/her first choice, the guidance counselor will look to place the student in his/her second or third choice of program, based upon availability. If a student’s scores are such that he/she is not placed in any of his/her top three choices, the guidance counselor will meet with the student to discuss placement in other vocational programs explored by the student which have openings; the student will be asked to choose from these programs and may elect to be placed on a waiting list for other areas. In the event that two or more students with identical grades select to enroll in a program with fewer openings, preference will be given to the student earning the greater cumulative number of points over the eight-week exploratory program. This process continues until all students are placed.


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