About Ryan Albergo

Ryan Albergo

Class of 2020

Construction Technology

Biographical statement

I live in Randolph with my mom Karen, and my sister Kelsey. I play baseball and football at BHR, and I participate in SkillsUSA in the carpentry competition.

Career goals

I plan to study Construction Management in college, and hope to start a career as a construction manager using my previous training and education.

What BHR has done for you

BHR has allowed me to meet new people and build new friendships with people from different towns other than Randolph. It has also allowed me to learn new skills in the shop that I chose.

Why you came to BHR instead of going to your local high school

I came to BHR to get a head start on a career, and to also step out of my comfort zone as I had been going to school with the same people since elementary school.

A quotation that inspires you or that you live by

"Don't give up. Don't ever give up." -Jim Valvano

Your favorite book or movie

“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Best advice you ever received from a teacher/parent/family member/friend

"You can never put the wood back onto the piece so...less is more." -Mr. Doherty

Advice you would give to a Grade 8 student applying to BHR

Go for it! BHR is full of great opportunities and great people that you wouldn't be able to meet at your sending school. 

Teacher or faculty member at BHR who has helped or inspired you the most

Mr. Doherty, for sure.

Who is your hero

Tom Brady...I mean, who doesn't want to be the best at what they do? 

Most memorable moment at BHR

Basically anything that happens in shop, CT is such a family. It's crazy to think back to the very first day in shop and see how much we've grown together.