About Kimberly Delgado

Kimberly Delgado

Class of 2019

Graphic Communications

Biographical statement

I am from the town of Norwood, and I have an older brother and two younger sisters, one who is a sophomore at Blue Hills. I do volunteer work at school, and I play soccer.

Career goals

After high school, I would like to study either in the medical field or major in biotechnology.

What BHR has done for you

Blue Hills allowed me to figure out my interests and obtain skills that would help me in the future. For the past three years, I came across challenges that would positively alter my character. I've also met interesting people from different towns, who would eventually become my friends.

Why you came to BHR instead of going to your local high school

I came to BHR because I was interested in the wide range of opportunities the school provided. My older brother also went to Blue Hills and graduated in 2015. He had told me wonderful things about the school, so I became intrigued.

A quotation that inspires you or that you live by

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt

Your favorite book or movie

My favorite movie is "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Best advice you ever received from a teacher/parent/family member/friend

The best advice I've received is from a close friend, who told me how I should stop comparing myself to others and focus on my ambitions and become more self-confident.

Advice you would give to a Grade 8 student applying to BHR

Don't stress too much about high school. Take every chance and opportunity given to you and do the best you can because everyone's different. Also, have fun and make the years memorable because four years do fly by quickly.

Teacher or faculty member at BHR who has helped or inspired you the most

Mr. Morris is a teacher who has helped me the most in school. I've had him for U.S. History and Psychology and I enjoy the way he teaches. He makes his classes more interesting with his creativity and humor and I learned the material he taught. He even gave me some advice on how to keep myself consistent and organized, which I continue to follow today.

Who is your hero

My hero would be my mom since she has made difficult decisions throughout her life to live in the U.S. and raise four children. She is the strongest woman I know and always stays true to herself. One day, I hope to give back to my mom as she provided a stable lifestyle for my siblings and me.

Most memorable moment at BHR

My most memorable moment at BHR would be the time where the late Mr. Jordan told me how proud he was for me for my academic excellence and dedication to Graphic Communications.