About Angela Okoye

Angela Okoye

Class of 2019

Health Assisting

Biographical statement

I was born in Nigeria. I came to America when I was about 4 years old.  I currently live in Randolph with both parents and my two older brothers. I’m a very active person. I am in NHS, SADD, and the president of the Multicultural Club. I am also the vice president of the Student Council. I volunteer at my church to help with religious education teachers with their students. I work as a sales associate at Old Navy in Braintree. On the weekends I work as a CNA and a waitress. Every other week I go out on co-op to Bright View Assisted Living to work as a CNA.

Career goals

After high school, I plan on going to college. I haven’t really decided where I would like to go yet but I recently won the Abigail Adams Scholarship so that's what I am working with. In college, I would like to major in Neuroscience and become a neuropsychologist. My back-up plan is to become a nurse.

What has BHR done for you

BHR is prepared me for the real word. I have received training that I could use to better my potential career. In my opinion, it has put me ahead of teens my age. I feel like I’m already doing a lot.

Why you came to BHR instead of going to your local high school

I came along with the students who were visiting the school and I loved it. I was very excited to come to a new school and learn something different. I already knew what technical program I wanted (Health Assisting).

A quotation that inspires you or that you live by

“Life is what you make of it.”  “Live life to the fullest but be wise about your actions.”

Your favorite book or movie

My favorite book is called “Jonny Angel” by Danielle Steel. I can read that book over and over again. It has a very touching story. It makes me cry every time.

Best advice you ever received from a teacher/parent/family member/friend

“Pay yourself first.” - Mr. Egan

 Advice you would give to a Grade 8 student applying to BHR

Make sure you try in everything thing that you do, teachers also notice the “good” student. Also, make your OWN decisions. Don’t do things based on your friends. They might not be your friends in the next four years.

Teacher or faculty member at BHR who has helped or inspired you the most

Mrs. Stewart is my technical program teacher. She is one of the most understanding teachers that I know. She is also willing to listen and lend a helping hand when she can. Mrs. Stewart knows how to be disciplined when necessary and fun when appropriate.

Who is your hero

This might sound very cliche but my mom is my hero. She is the jack of all trades. She’s always going out of her way to help those in need. She shows unconditional love and I love her very much. 

Most memorable moment at BHR

My most memorable moment is the sophomore year Prep Rally. We were the first to be able to have it outside in a long time. We got Mr. Celeste to kiss a fish. We had a very funny dance-off within the grades and teachers. The homecoming that year was amazing. There a huge turnout and everyone had a blast. I didn’t hear.