Freshmen Checklist

Freshmen Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have completed everything to ensure a successful transition to Blue Hills in September! 

 Did you...

  1. Complete the Incoming Student Assessment to assist with class placement. 
  2. Complete Summer Reading and Enrichment
  3. Explore our website
  4. Check with your sending school to make sure your 8th grade report card was sent. 
  5. Submit and sign the following forms on Family ID
    1. Mandatory Registration & Student Emergency Contact Information
    2. Acceptable Use Policy (coming soon)
    3. Equipment and Machinery Use Agreement
    4. Parent/Student Handbook
    5. Concussion Policy and Anti Hazing
    6. Home Language Survey
    7. MassHeath/Medicaid Consent Form
    8. Athletic Registration (optional)
  6. Review bus schedule (Posted in August, check back soon.)
  7. Review School Calendar (Posted in July, check back soon.)
  8. Pay your $45 Student Activity fee (due every year)
    1. Online payments are made through
  9. Review reopenining information on our website. 


Some Summer tips!

  • Before the start of school, get back into the school-year routine - sleep well, eat right, and wake up early!
  • Enjoy your time off with family and friends.
  • Focus on your own wellness and stay connected with others.
  • Set goals - personal, school, relational - that will help you mentally prepare for a new beginning at BHR.