About Aidan Flaherty

Aidan Flaherty

Aidan Flaherty

Class of 2019
Engineering Technology

Biographical statement
Well, I don't really have much to say about this, but I might as well talk about what has gotten me into my current standards. As a child, I was most fascinated by machines and other such things, especially robots. I would often borrow books from my local library on them only to find if I wanted to get a career in such a field, I would have to work hard, apply to a college, and obtain a high-level degree. So I pursued this whilst I began building my own little robots in my free time, which became a hobby. To obtain funding for some of my projects I had gotten somewhat of a job at a relatively young age, it's a little hard to explain it, but it was my way of getting money. During this time I studied options for me to take until I found BHR, which could help my robotics pursuit, and decided it could be my next step which is why I'm here.

Career goals
I guess you could have taken it from my biographical statement, however I will say it here - my goal is to become a roboticist. My plans for this is to get into a college like M.I.T or Wentworth or any other engineering college and obtain a master's degree. Because of this, I have been working very hard so that these colleges may accept my application.

What has BHR done for you
BHR has helped me out by giving me a place to train and study my career as a roboticist by giving me training as an engineer. It has given me many opportunities to better myself in such professions as well as take a whole new level of education and helps me be prepared for college in more ways than regular schools can.

Why did you come to BHR instead of your local high school
The reason for that is because of really what I've said before for what BHR has done for me, the extra training in my profession that I just couldn't get from my local school. It was just objectively better to go to Blue Hills because I will already know more about engineering than most people in college which will help make college a breeze.

A quotation that inspires you
I don't have a lot of these but I guess I would say something like "You are who you choose to be." Which sounds very corny, but I find it to hold some truth as well as it coming from my favorite movie.

Your favorite book or movie
"The Iron Giant" has to be my favorite movie. I even have a poster for it. I loved it as a kid mostly because it was about a giant robot but I even like it to this day because when you watch it again when you're older, you find more in it. Such as the inspiration for its setting that causes everyone to be in hysteria to its many themes about choosing what you really want to do, and just plain having a great look to it and just being plain fun.

Best advice you ever received from a teacher/parent/family member/friend
I can't really think of the best advice I've received but the one I remember most was from a teacher called Mrs. Foye who told me to just do my best and try my hardest. A rather basic thing to hear, but it can really work.

Advice that you would give to a grade 8 student applying to BHR
Some advice I would give to students would be pretty basic - always do your homework, it acts as a way to study and boosts your grade. I would also tell them to have a plan for which technical program they want to go to so they can help their profession as much as possible.

Teacher or faculty member at BHR who has helped or inspired you the most
This is a bit of a difficult decision for me because Dr. Meyers and Mr. Hamill both really inspire me and help me, but then again Dr. Meyers does lead a bit more to what I plan to do later in my career so he certainly helps me but Mr. Hammill has really taught me helpful things that I can use such as advanced 3D-modeling techniques. The thing is they've both been a really big help as Doc has taught me a lot of what I need to know for building robots and has helped me with my projects and Mr. Hamill has taught me really helpful things about building robot chassis and mechanisms in 3D modeling software.

Who is your hero
I would really consider someone like Leonardo Da Vinci as my hero as he certainly made people's lives better around the 1500's. His studies have helped many across history as well as even today and his mechanisms were a true inspiration. He had big dreams he tried to achieve for his time and will remain as an early master engineer for his time.

Most memorable moment at BHR
I can't really think of anything memorable, but I would guess it's either this present one, being chosen for Student of the Month or, if this one actually happens, my acceptance into being in all Honors classes next year. Right now, many have been setting me up for this next year and will be a great moment/achievement. Which is also what I will also hopefully being saying about being Student of the Month, as it will also be a great achievement.